Taking Public Speaking Online: Secrets of the Geeks on Tour

Wednesday January 25, 2017 7:00 PM EST

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Geeks on Tour
Image from an episode of “What Does This Button Do?” the weekly live show of the Geeks on Tour, Chris and Jim Guld. The online promotions build on the audience they attract while roaming the country in their RV, giving seminars on technology for travelers, including smartphones and digital photography.

Gaining confidence as a speaker allows you to speak effectively in front of larger audiences. Why not a global audience? Products like YouTube Live and Facebook Live that are free to try make it relatively simple to create a webcast or live Internet video broadcast. The size of your audience is limited only by the interest you can generate. But do you know how to adapt skills you learned behind a lectern to webcasting and live video?

The first installment of our series of features on online presentation skills features, Jim and Chris Guld, whose business Geeks on Tour offers technology tutorials for travelers. They find customers for their core subscription-based business partly by traveling the country in their RV, giving educational seminars at RV meets. But the other way they find their audience is with a weekly live Internet TV show.

When not on the road, they make their home base in Ft. Lauderdale and are members of Early Bird Toastmasters.

In our webinar, we will ask ask what they have learned about effective Internet video and have them demonstrate how to give a good tutorial in this medium. This event is part of a series: see also our February 7 event with Roger Courville on professional online presentation skills.

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